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Welocome to the next generation of Estate Agency !

Our ethos is to present unrivalled trust and transparency – our software allows every single client an insight into what we are doing on a daily basis, including marketing stats, live viewings diary and direct feedback from applicants immediately after each viewing.
Our aim at Reads is to offer the most comprehensive package to all of our clients whilst adding a little calm to what can be a potentially stressful time. We believe in giving the buyer what they are dreaming of, after all you wouldn’t go to a job interview without “dressing the part” so why would you invite buyers into your home with a view to making the biggest purchase of their lives and not showing it off to its best? We are able to provide a full design consultation to include show home dressing as part of our sales process.  This ranges from interior design tweaks to your existing home, to a full show dress for vacant or new build homes.
We own the latest in modern, contemporary furniture, home furnishings and accessories to help and encourage your buyers to see more than bricks and mortar and to understand and feel the lifestyle aspect of their purchase which can make the decision process much quicker and easier.  

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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